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A Porn Music Video (PMV) is a video that integrates music with pornographic imagery for the purpose of sexual arousal. PMVs primarily combine existing media from a variety of sources, including commercial pornography and music. As such, PMVs are a remix art form.

PMVs vary in duration from under a minute to multiple hours. A PMV might be composed of one or more music tracks. Multiple music tracks may be mixed together as in a dj set or a mixtape, or appear with pauses in-between. A PMV might contain clips from a single porn movie, from multiple porn movies, or even from non-pornographic videos such as bikini advertisements or TikTok dance videos.


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PMVs and remixed pornographic art in general manifest in a variety of styles, the most common of which can be classified as different genres of PMVs. Not all the genres fit the strict definition of a PMV but all of them are inter-related in some way.


PMVs have always existed in a legal gray area with regards to copyright. While there are no known judicial rulings involving PMVs, video-streaming porn websites routinely remove PMVs in response to take down notices. The issue intensified after the Great Pornhub Purge but some PMV artists still make an effort to upload their work to streaming sites. In addition to streaming sites, PMV artists and fans distribute and exchange PMVs in a variety of methods including torrents and file sharing sites. Given the hostile legal environment and the grassroots nature of publishing and sharing, PMV art can be compared to samizdat.


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